Monday, October 26, 2009

Robotix 1997 Mars Cruiser

The last review of the smaller sets before kicking off the medium-sized sets.

The more I get to see these "small sets", the more I get the notion that these were more "parts expansion sets". Some of the assembly possibilities were simply "fair" to "medium" interest. The parts, however, are very interesting as considered before.

Included parts forming the "main" assembly, the "Mars Cruiser". For more details on the figure, "Space Scout", please refer to "Lunar Launcher".

Finishing the idea started 2 pictures above, this is a big difference (and sales most definitely confirm it) when comparing to Lego. And I´m just thinking "Lego Space", vintage late 70s/ 80s. The parts were a lot more common-looking. These Robotix parts are so detailed and hi-tech, that when they try to make something simple, it turns out looking an exoskeleton of some sort. HOWEVER, when you look at a medium-sized to large set, your own brain crank wheels start sparkling with ideas.

All 4 views of the "Mars Cruiser" assembly.

Another different assembly, "Saturn Speeder".

And finally, "Speed Sled".

Status: Unavailable

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