Thursday, October 22, 2009

Robotix 1997 Aquabot

A different kind of "ship", this vehicle was more of a sea-exploration sort. The included figure, however, is an astronaut. Convenient to say, the 1996-1997 line only had 2 different figures. Space Commander and this one, "Space Scout". We will review it later in a different post.

As you can read in the front image of the box, all these sets are compatible, multi-model sets... and although fairly easy to assemble, they are very hard to take apart. Some parts, hard for an adult to handle and virtually impossible for kids.

Contents view. Some stickers applied so you can have an idea how they look like.

All 4 views of the "main" set.

Another possible vehicle, "Low Loader".

Another one, "Solar Shuttle".

And yet another, "Mandroid".

Scale pictures, so you can see how "Joes" fit.

Status: Unavailable


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