Sunday, October 25, 2009

Robotix 1997 Dune Trike

Another 1997 small set, the "Dune Trike".

Included parts. Another set without labels. However, this one had a different color-scheme "Space Commander".

4 views of the vehicle pictured on the front of the box, its main set assembly, "Dune Trike".

Figure: The "Blue" Space-Commander.

Exactly the same mold as the white version (refer to Laser Scanner). This color scheme seems more "dirty space", hence more """realistic""".

Still, I get a feeling of Stanley Kubrick´s envision.

Another possible construction, "Space Bike". My favorite. Since the wheels are square, it holds up pretty good with just 2 wheels. Reminds me of an old Star Wars vehicle I had, the "MTV-7 Mini-Rig". But a "serious" version.

And yet another one. "Dune Patroller"

Status: Unavailable

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