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Robotix 1997 Space Copter

Friday, October 30, 2009

1997 medium-sized set, the Space Copter came with some cool parts.

Known for their teaching concepts and educational purposes, it is not very newsworthy that 90% Robotix space-related vehicles are entitled next to known planets and... star.

Included parts.

4 views. This set came with some nifty parts. The cockpit, blades, wheeled feet... very detailed and robust. These are play-proof!

The black box is named "Power Droid". When activated (+/- according to battery´s correct emplacement) the "rotor" is turned on. There are 2 kinds of motors: High Speed (pictured) and Low Speed.

"Tunnel Borer". Very cool. Rough and Tough! And 12 years before Rise Of Cobra´s moles.

"All-Terrain Sprinter".

"Prop Plane".

Status: Unavailable

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