Monday, October 5, 2009

Legends Of Knights Deluxe Castle Attack

Another discontinued line, "Legends Of Knights" was a completely different direction from what CM - in action figure terms - got us used to. This theme, however, brought some nice items.

This castle was a must. A Scottish fortress for a famous arms dealer.

Filled with figures, breaking towers, a catapult and many other things, this was far from a complete fortress... but a decent entrance.

View of all parts...

The castle. A Nice sculpt, and it seems that if they COULD, Chap Mei would really make this big. I believe they could have done something like "He-Man´s Castle Of Grayskull" sort of thing. Meaning an opening in 2 fortress. Please refer to "Masters Of The Universe Vintage Castle Grayskull" for more detail.

Entrance. Nice, simple and yet somewhat mysterious.

The back was to be expected... a little poor. But functional.

Gate´s rear side.

Defensive catapults. Videos of these babies working and more action scenes concerning this castle coming soon.

The other items/ vehicles included.

Figures included. Yup... a lot of them.

Orcus The Wizard Count. Great sculpt.

Without accessories. And check out its hood... and how it fits... need any more hints? Get it!

Obviously inspired in some trilogy...


Knight Magnus.

A nice figure, very cool looking if you´re into medieval stuff... but bulky.

Helm´s visor moves... it´s a good touch.

King Leo.
Over-sized accessories... more of the same.

The armors are, in fact, interesting. Since you can turn them into stationary knight´s suit of armor.

Unnamed figure... a pawn.

Limited articulation, big accessories...

It´s not a bad sculpt, and in this case you can´t transform this into a knight´s armor. There wasn´t a lot of effort in this theme. And it´s a shame. There could have been something here.

This particular figure had this feature, although I have no idea why. Removable arms.

And this... I didn´t understand at all. The bow comes off... but the cable is merged to the right hand. The figure has no articulation at all. Reminds me of the new Western figures.

Scale shots.

Really big assault stairs.

A good jail, though. Like Madmartigan in 1988´s "Willow".

Some details. Broken battlement. When hit, it breaks away. Bottom left... another LOTR inspired moment...

A few more details. The jail is interesting, fits some 3 or 4 figures. Left and right towers. Overall, a great set. I´m truly sad they didn´t put a lot more effort into this line. Especially in terms of figures.

Status: Unavailable

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  1. Luís "ToneGuns" GalileuOctober 5, 2009 at 1:51 AM

    Ok, now I'll have to extend my coment.

    First things first: "A Scottish fortress for a famous arms dealer." Sutil and very true.

    You made a turn, big turn on your reviews. We came from an all police reviews and you added a Castle. Big hit!

    It's a great piece on itself. But the castle needs some paint aplications on his front, nothing that big, but would improve it alot.

    Great deyailed pictures!


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