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MB Learning Curve ROBOTIX sets - Overview Preview

Long before BTR (built to rule) came out to the market, I´m sure 90% tried Lego sets for size. "What if a company decided to make "Lego" for action figures?". Somehow, that´s what MB (Milton Bradley) and Learning Curve did when they gave us "Robotix". These particular sets were distributed in Europe (where they were purchased) by Spanish toy company "Popular Juguetes" and "Learning Curve" along with the original MB brand. In the future, you´ll get to see each and every set here pictured, in further detail. For now and for the moment, an overview of some of "Robotix" capabilities. Enjoy!

Having had a cartoon series run back in the 80s (turned into a movie in 1987), they did good, but not good enough on their own. But once again, many Joe collectors saw the potential in these and "helped out". If you want high-tech compounds, vehicles, rigs, space stations for your Cobras and Joes... this is IT!

The figures, made out of PVC, are pretty interesting but without proper articulation (4 points - arms and legs).

The scale is evidently close enough.

Some of the hot gadgets you get. Best of it all... it fits like a glove.

It is as imagination-limited as "Lego". But action figure-style/ detailed.

Check out the rocket tips, the jet exhausts/ tips... the engine parts.

The cabins, the command centre with and without dome. And the label sheets... well... if you have doubts about the size... check the next picture...

The foot pins are perfect, the cockpits are 100% compatible, and the label sheet... as it can be observed... the good old 80s - apply where you see fit - kind!

A (star wars) walker style pair of mechanized legs.

Closer and angled view. Amazing details.

Some more scale shots to feast your eyes on. You can do pretty much anything.

Seats, consoles, detailed connection parts. If you mix your own details and painting art, I´m sure you´ll get that perfect vehicle you always dreamed about.

More cockpit style (comes in - at least - 2 colors. Gray and blue). The wheels come with rubber tires and a perfect spin and grip!

More special parts, that cut cone thing kinda reminds the rebels outpost in Yavin4 surveillance post.

Yet, more parts. Those cylinders kick serious a$$. These particular parts belong to the vulcanic crawler set, basically a copy of NASA´s "Dante".

These claws and jaws... they´re very attractive. The "feet" wheels too. A mech-dino in mind.

Those "solar panels" can be the key to a decent satellite. The power claw and all that you´ve seen above can be turned "alive" by various engines/ power sources of various voltages and even RC controlled by an array of wired and wireless controllers.

In fact, a lot of engineering students use "Robotix" sets in projects. A lot of G.I.Joe collectors know about these sets for a long time. The ROBOTIX origins date back to the 80s, however, these sets are dated 1995 to 1998. I believe these were a reissue of some of the original, plus some new sets. Having said this, I leave you and your imagination with the next pictures.

If you don´t have any of this, hurry and get some while you still can. You won´t regret it. You´ll "pimp" all your forces with serious bases and mean looking machines!

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  1. Luís "ToneGuns" GalileuOctober 17, 2009 at 3:08 PM

    Never saw them anywhere. They look like a nice addittion.


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