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Jonny Quest Real World JQ2 - X-Treme Action Jonny and Desert Stealth Hadji

Monday, October 1, 2012

Released by Famosa in Western Europe, JQ figures came with (spanish) names for the 2 packs. This is "Vuelo Libre" Free Flight.

Pack included X-Treme Action Jonny and Desert Stealth Hadji.

MOC, Famosa/Galoob 1996. The difference (apart from the spanish writing) is the big sticker on front with the name of the set.

Included parts.

Figure: X-Treme Action Jonny (Super Acción Jonny Quest)

Figure: Desert Stealth Hadji (Guerrero Del Desierto Hadji)

Bandit, Jonny´s Bulldog.

Included vehicle: Whike. "Windsail barge and sail".

Not the best fit, since Jonny´s feet don´t snap to the board and everytime the sail turns, so does the whole figure. But a nicely done small vehicle.

Also included, a helmet and skateboard with free rolling wheels.

Hadji came with a huge (working) bow and arrow, a nice scimitar and 2 throwing stars.

While Jonny Quest figure is portrayed as a real youngster this time, Hadji looks awesome.

 Status: Available

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