Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jonny Quest Real World JQ4 - Safari Stryker Hadji and Deep Sea Race

Released by Famosa in Western Europe, JQ figures came with (spanish) names for the 2 packs. This is "Safari". 

Pack included Safari Stryker Hadji and Deep Sea Race.

MOC, Famosa/Galoob 1996. The difference (apart from the spanish writing) is the big sticker on front with the name of the set.

Included parts

Figure: Safari Stryker Hadji (Comando Safari Hadji)

Figure: Deep Sea Race (Submarinista Race)

Included, a Bengal (Indian) Tiger

Tent, assembled

Just enough for one. Rigid plastic, high quality.

Hadji comes with a whip and a scimitar and both can be attached to his waist piece.

The tiger is one of the best looking for its scale.

Race figure has a great color scheme and being all ripped, should have a shark of his own. Also included, a spring-loaded harpoon gun.

The transparent mask is rigid. So probably prone to breaking. This figure sort of reminds me of Action Man figures!

Status: Available

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