Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jonny Quest Real World JQ3 - Shuttle Pilot Jonny and Drop Zone Race

Released by Famosa in Western Europe, JQ figures came with (spanish) names for the 2 packs. This is "Vuelo Libre" Free Flight. This set uses the same spanish name as the one given to Jonny Quest Real World JQ2 - X-Treme Action Jonny and Desert Stealth Hadji

Pack included Shuttle Pilot Jonny and Drop Zone Race.

MOC, Famosa/Galoob 1996. The difference (apart from the spanish writing) is the big sticker on front with the name of the set.

Included parts.

Figure: Shuttle Pilot Jonny (Piloto Jonny Quest)

Figure: Drop Zone Race (Paracaidista Race)

Included vehicle: Paraglider with harness and controls attached with real string.

Another one of my favorites. Great looking set.

Race figure is also amazing with these colors, the cool removable helmet and holster with gun. All nicely scaled.

And of course, Shuttle Pilot Jonny fully equipped is the nice touch to close the set. I love the E.V.A. equipment (pack with movable handles, cable and helmet with clear visor) and that weapon with the right painting application on the mouth. Not sure where the other end of the cable can fit since there was no shuttle. Even so, great!

Status: Available


  1. I think i remember these very cool.

  2. Vehicles were used for gijoe, remember? The mantis sub was one...


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