Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Animal Zone IR Dragon - w/Video!

The new "Animal Zone" line from TRU brings back a lot of the previous Chap Mei monsters. However, like in other lines from the U.S. company, they also include other "similar" gems like the one you´re about to see. The IR (infrared) Dragon. A real monster with great detail and awesome features! If you wish to see the video right now, please scroll down to the end of the post!

Almost 2lbs (850g) and a mix of plastic, hard and soft rubber, comes with an IR remote with 2 buttons.

MIB, TRU 2012. Dragon from Dragon-i Toys, UK

Tail comes unattached and you need to push the extra wire into the dragon´s body. Simple op, and you´re ready to go.

Figure: IR Dragon. Weight: 850g (approx. 2lbs). Height: 27cm (10.6in), Head to tail: 45cm (17in)

Wingspan: 30cm (approx. 12in).

Remote with 3 infrared LEDs. 2 button, one for light and sound effects, another for movement and stomping sounds.

IR remote receivers (sensors). 2 in this toy. One located on the chest, the other between the wings.

Wings manually open and close. If this baby had a saddle, I would be EVEN more impressed. I´m loving this guy!

Some bogey wheels are included to help this heavy monster walk.

Head, neck, wings and arms are made of a mix of hard and soft rubber. Arms move!

Great detail on the head and those gleaming red eyes are just perfect. The inside of its mouth is amazing.

Comes with a test button that makes it roar and move the neck around while lighting the eyes. Remember: If the dragon doesn´t walk it probably "went back to sleep", meaning you need to turn it off and back on again to play.

How big it really is? Pretty big. And goes great with other CM characters.

Not so valiant anymore uh, Rupert?

And finally, the action video!

Status: Available


  1. Finally! This is something I have seen myself in Mexico. Looks impressive!

  2. It is. I usually do not collect dragons, but I´m keeping this one. lol.


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