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Jonny Quest Real World JQ8 - Motocross Hadji and Island Storm Race

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Released by Famosa in Western Europe, JQ figures came with (spanish) names for the 2 packs. This is "Serpiente Explosiva" Exploding Serpent.

Pack included Motocross Hadji and Island Storm Race.

MOC, Famosa/Galoob 1996. The difference (apart from the spanish writing) is the big sticker on front with the name of the set.

Included parts.

Figure: Motocross Hadji.That looks amazingly similar to a Michael Jackson head mold.

Figure: Island Storm Race (Guerrillero Race)

Big snake coils around figures.

Included vehicle: Motorcycle

With helmet on and nice looking pose there.

Race is equipped with a heavy machine gun with an ammo belt.

Also included, a big knife that can be stored in a sheath, and connected to the machine gun.

Spring-loaded rocket launcher with working and snapping bipod.

Race is extremely well-armed. Hunting snakes will never be a problem!

Status: Available

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