Friday, October 19, 2012

Animal Zone Stygimoloch

From the new TRU Light and Sound animals series of the Animal Zone line (U.S. Animal Planet), the new 2012 Chap Mei Stygimoloch

With a ramming postion, it can also stand up. Roars, lights and... looks cool!

MIB, TRU 2012

Dinosaur: Stygimoloch. One of the new dinos from the upcoming Dino Valley series.

With interesting detail, another must for dino lovers. Comes with a button on its back. Once pushed, head comes up and lights while roaring...

This medium-sized dinosaur is one of 3. The others are the DV3 versions of Spinosaurus and Velociraptor. If you didn´t find them before, this is your chance!

Yet another "Friar Tuck"...

Scale shot with Camou Jack!

Status: Available


  1. It is, isn´t it? And I have my eye of their IR Dragon. A bit expensive, but I gotta put it here!


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