Monday, October 15, 2012

Jonny Quest Real World JQ6 - Biathlete Jessie and Wild Blaze Race

Released by Famosa in Western Europe, JQ figures came with (spanish) names for the 2 packs. This is "Luchando Contra Las Llamas!". 

Pack included Biathlete Jessie and Wild Blaze Race.

MOC, Famosa/Galoob 1996. The difference (apart from the spanish writing) is the big sticker on front with the name of the set.

Included parts.

Figure: Biathlete Jessie (Esquiadorá Jessie)

Wild Blaze Race (Montañista Race)

Included, a Brown Bear.

Tree, splits in two pieces when pushing the button.

Fully equipped Jessie. Great looking figure filled with accessories!

The rifle is amazingly looking!

Race comes with a huge number of accessories.

 Status: Available


  1. How can you :) Makes a good Scarlett

  2. I'm looking to purchase one of these to um...complete my collection. I have most toys, except for this set, the 'rambo Race' one, and the unreleased, which I am not currently going after.

    Can you give me a hand?

  3. Yeah, the Race Bannon that comes with a python, Island Storm Race, comes with Motocross Hadji, which I also want. I call him Rambo Race for obvious reasons!

    I´m also missing the Jessie that came with Jonny, Samurai Jessie.

    And the Wave Ranger...God I had an opportunity to get that several years well as the Quest Copter, the supposedly unreleased one. I very clearly remember seeing one at a store in Venezuela.


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