Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ninja (Hero of the Dark) Fighter Play Set

When we think we have seen all the versions and pretty much all from one given point in time of Chap Mei, a surprise comes along. This time, the Ninja (Hero of the Dark) series boat. Awesome!

Distributed by Hobby Dax in Europe, another German licensed partner of Chap Mei

MIB, Chap Mei (Hobby Dax) 2001

Included accessories.

Figure: Bad Face and Black Scale

Vehicle: Patrol boat. A repaint of the Rescue Squad Coast Patrol boat.

I´m not sure if the excitment of finding another Ninja set has taken over me, but I´m finding these colors pretty good!

A mix of dark and bright colors with golden details and just like the old days (wait a minute, this IS old days), working cranks and really snap on accessories everywhere.

Radar, searchlight and antennas, everything tilts, moves, rotates and comes off. Even the driving wheel works.

Figure: Bad Face. These guys were awesome looking and some of the best sculpting CM ever managed to deliver. Back then, the only line with rotating wrists. Weapons attached to figure.

A very fine figure. Details are worth examining the figure for a while!

Figure: Black Scale. Another gem from this line, this guy comes with a cable and a cape with 2 removable swords.

Again, spectacular art...

Also included, this "Armed Wing" which I consider one of the most underrated small vehicles from Chap Mei. This thing is beautiful.

Picking up some lines from a manta ray, and some concept ideas from G.I.Joe (to a certain extent... thankfully).

Status: Available


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