Saturday, July 2, 2011

We´re (finally) back!

Dear friends and followers,

After a long, long, LONG hiatus, we´re back to review action! Coming to the (logical) conclusion we were in desperate need of a bigger photo studio, it was designed and built during weeks. The best possible light set, background material and color to provide a most interesting result.

Coming up in the next days:

Return of the Jedi Imperial Shuttle review

Diorama prototype for SWCP 2011 expo.

Along with on location shots of the actual diorama.

True Heroes Apache AH64 helicopter full review.

Vikings Longship update with brand new photos and many more updates on your favorite CM larger sets.

G.I.Joe Rise Of Cobra reviews.

Masters of the Universe 200X reviews.

Playmobil classics.

All coming up and starting tomorrow! Don´t miss out your favorite toys and comment whenever you like, it´s always a pleasure to read and publish your own thoughts!

Your friends,

Mike, Jo, Ian

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