Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tutorial: How to fix a G.I.Joe Cobra Moray

A common problem G.I.Joe collectors face with the Cobra Hydrofoil (Moray), is its guns fragility. Many completionists prefer getting new ones, but some others having 2, 3 or more of these great "fast boats" can always fix the problem without having to spend more cash... and having fun in the process...

This simple tutorial will teach the basics for many other cases. May seem obvious to many, but collecting sometimes puts aside the "creative child" in most of us. Challenge is fun and in the end, we can surprise ourselves!

The 2 most common problems: 30mm machine guns (stern) and the port/starboard shore-assault 55mm cannons.

If you´re not already saving these, start doing so. These plastic "trees" will help you fix a lot of problems. Many people use metal to join broken parts, and some work very well. But plastic and metal don´t always mix that good and in time, tend to break apart... again. Plastic does the job smoothly (and if you find the same density, even better).

1st, find a "tube" with the closest diameter possible. If it´s the same, even better. With a scalpel, try to cut as flat as possible, apply some heat on top to bring it down half a milimeter to replicate the same effect (round edges) of the original. The hardest part will be the quadrangular hole, so patience and good hands are needed.

This is, basically, what you need to do. Final piece will have to look something like the dark gray picture. Arrow shows the spot where heat will be applied. You can use a heat gun for miniatures or even a lighter will do. But be aware of the danger, don´t get burned in the process! Like said before, the really tricky part will be the hole to fit the cannon bar. You´ll have to drill (or cut) almost to the other end of the cylinder, but don´t cut through.

The other fixing spot is a lot easier to handle. An electric drill with the exact measure will be the ideal tool. You´ll start by cleaning the holes (where a lot of 2nd hand/ used Morays have glue on) and fit the newly fixed 30mm guns. To fix those, find a cable/tube of plastic in your plastic trees with the same diameter of the original machine gun emplacement (it´s nice to have one as a reference, but if you don´t just keep trying to fit in the stern holes different plastic cables until you find one that serves the purpose). Drill the 30mm gun base 3 or 4 mm and fit the new peg. Easy does it and you´re done.


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  1. Luís Galileu "ToneGuns" TonelliJuly 18, 2011 at 12:09 AM

    I've one of those great boats and I happy to have one that is 100% complete and not any from the problems you mentioned.


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