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Police vs Bad Guyz Patrol Unit Playset - Justice Cruiser

Monday, January 4, 2010

A very nice set, including a "rare" figure and a great motorcycle.

Another long gone item, this "cruiser" set should have been continued, or at least "revisited" as a "black and white", for instance. Nowadays, you can still find this item in the True Heroes Police Force Playset combo set.

This "pre-SWAT" line had a lot of great stuff, and most is no longer available. This set is another great example.

Included items.

Included accessories.

Police Motorcycle. Harley Davidson Road King model. Extremely nice and a bit too big.

Great details on this "toy" version. Almost near model-like.

Figure: "Steel Armstrong". As seen before in more examples, Chap Mei DOES know how to do things and articulate figures. Who knows why they don´t spend more effort into it. This is a 3 3/4" figure, by the way. And its marked "Chap Mei".

Scale shots with Chap Mei and Hasbro figures. That extra half-inch is enough for the figures not being able to get their hands on the grips. Very unfortunate.

"Justice Cruiser". Great scale, detail and durable construction. Major turn-off: Doors. Don´t open.

This also looks (besides being just that) like a "2 seater". The backseats, usually used for detainees... are simply not there.

Scale shots.

Status: Available through Amazon.com

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1 comments: to “ Police vs Bad Guyz Patrol Unit Playset - Justice Cruiser

  • Luís Galileu G. Tonelli
    January 5, 2010 at 2:55 AM  

    I've to agree on the black and white for a v2. I'd that bike in military colors, how much I miss it... \________O________/ <- This much!

    A simple and yet, great set to have. Maybe someday I can get me one of this vehicles.

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