Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dino Valley Carnotaurus & Max Warthog

Another "Simba" Chap Mei set with a great figure included!

Also including a "Carnotaurus" dinosaur, like the "Dino Valley Winch Tower Playset" playset.

Interesting how Simba took care of the 1st Dino Valley series around western Europe. It was actually hard (virtually impossible) to find a "genuine" Chap Mei Dino Valley set back then.

Included items.

Accessories view. Figure accessories not pictured.

"Carnotaurus". When pressing down its right arm, jaw closes.

Figure: Max Warthog.

Detail shots. The figure´s accessories are awesome. From the poncho to the wild boar "helmet" and passing by the mechanical legs with "Robocop 2" nemesis "Cain" feet construction, it is a delight.

Mini "Ulysses 31".

Scale (and experiment) shots.

Status: Unavailable

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  1. This guy's name is Max Warthog, and he's a fearsome ewok hunter in my place


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