Friday, September 7, 2012

Megamind Walking Destruction Bot

From Dreamworks 2010 Megamind animation movie, comes the exciting "Destruction Bot". With a lot of cool details and awesome overall look, this toy is one of the coolest outside the usual sources.

Bad, Blue, Brilliant.

Toy Quest, 2010. Distributed in western europe by Concentra.

Awesome look, this bot (and vehicle) will have you stare for some time at how cool it really is.

Figure/vehicle: Walking Destruction Bot.

27cm high (10.6 in), 340g (12oz). Big and menacing.

Included, 2 stands.

Detachable Space Pod.

Use both stands to have the pod in flight.

Dome opens to fit mini figures.

Poseable arms and legs. Excellent detail.

Real working articulated saws!  Cowboy "boots" are a little off, but still nicely done.

The engine details are great and full of nice twists and turns. Just love it!

Mini figures sold separately

Status: Unavailable


  1. Yeah I got this one. $20 in Mexico! I put Snaggletooth piloting the thing.

  2. I remember seeing this one more than a few times at Toys R' Us for a long time before it finally disappeared from the shelves.

  3. Yeah, it´s strange how it vanished overnight. And it really looks awesome. Probably if it could fit most 3 3/4" figures, it would have been a winner.

  4. My wife really loved the movie and I found this same figure for CHEAP at Toys R Us. We eventually returned it because the stands - for our figure it seems - would not hold it up and the legs would bend constantly at the hip due to the overall weight of the body/arms on the tiny joints.
    A shame too because it really is very well done and nice to look at.

  5. @VagueRant: Wow, that is really a shame! The legs articulations have this click that makes the figure almost stand by itself with no stand needed. You were really unlucky, probably got a faulty one. :(


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