Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1970s E25 BMW TURBO vintage wire remote car

One of those awesome vehicle creations that you can´t move your eyes from. This BMW is one of those concept cars everyone saw at one point in life. In posters or magazines, calendars or TV. Now see the - quality - toy! Featuring working hinged headlamps.

Built by BMW as a celebration for the 1972 (Summer) Olympics in Munich. Brought to life (as a toy) by New Bright. Back then it was just a lamp logo and "quality toys". Now one of the most respected remote control vehicles manufacturer in the world!

MIB, New Bright (quality toys), late 70s, early 80s.

Comes with a wire remote (the same racing style used for New Bright´s line then).

The kid in me has to have these when I see them. In fair doses... As you probably know, I´m mostly into actioon figures and particularly 3 3/4" scaled one. But these are just... sweet.

4-way remote control allows it to go forward, reverse, left and right.

Uses 2 "D" size batteries (not included).

Hinged headlamps.

They turn on when pressing forward or reverse. When down, the circuit is cut. Nice detail.

A lot of cool details of the futuristic cockpit of the actual 70s bomb.

Maybe it would be asking too much, but if the doors would open... Gullwing style like the actual car...

Status: On eBay Now!


  1. My buddy Chad would love this i think.

  2. This is a sweet ride. These are the sort of cars that look gijoe to me... i mean... like the deLorean... one of a kind cars. And curiously enough, I´ve had some emails asking for more. Well, I don´t have those many to show, and these are poppin up because I had to show them at some point and deliver them on ebay to get extra room for the little men... :)

  3. I got one of these in white for Christmas in 1976, but it wasn't remote control. It had a caster behind the headlight switch that raised the front end just enough so the front wheels wouldn't touch the ground, giving it "bump-n-go" action. I thought the retractable headlights that lit up when raised were really cool. I remember seeing them in stores in other colors, like silver and lime green.


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