Friday, September 21, 2012

S.O.S. COMMANDOS - Bad Ninja

One of TERROR´s soldiers from Gulliver´s S.O.S Commandos line, Bad Ninja, one of Mattone´s goons.

SOS COMMANDOS line is heavily based on Schwarzenegger Commando by Diamond Toymakers in 1986. Bad Ninja is a Led-Head mold in different colors.

MOC, Gulliver brinquedos Portugal factory (a Brazilian original), late 80s.

Included accessories.

Figure: Bad Ninja. One of the 3 molds that cover the entire Commando line, and subsequently, S.O.S. Commandos.

While the good guys carried pistols and holsters, the bad guys had the knifes and sheaths.

The RPGs are nice enough, but the grenade won´t go all the way inside the tube. When I was a younger and these toys were G.I.Joe´s "counterparts", we used to drill the rest of the tube so the rocket would fit. And it worked like a charm.

The UZI mount is amazing. The bad guys always had these arm connections with weapons. Uzi, chainsaw, crossbow. The knife, of course... has a greatly detailed grip for its era... and the blade too!

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