Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Edison Giocattoli Foldable Pellet Gun

One of the most creative items from EG´s large selection of toy weapons is this pocket-size gun.

Made in Italy (obviously) probably in the late 70s, early 80s. Marked Edison Giocattoli. MAT. 00418-1.

Looking like something out of Blade Runner, this weapon is palm-sized when folded. Perfect to hide it... even as a weapon.

Unfolding procedure. Ready to be used.

Gummy Pellets (made of soft rubber) can be stored in the grip and are ready to load the single shot pistol.

When pushed, it does not allow any air to go through the barrel and projectile. Airtight!

Aim your loaded EG at some foolish toy (watch your eyes and any part of the body for that matter, because this baby has a punch)...

Squeeze grip towards stock to fire. This goes trough paper and when not... delivers a serious mark. Again... I miss the 80s! 

Status: On eBay Now!


  1. you have no idea! Well... you now have an idea... lol. BUT, I´m piling footage of various toys, and this gun has its own video. One you see the shot... well... it´s impressive. Not a thing you´d see these days in stores...

    1. My brother and I had ones in the real early 90s that shot red pellets just like the yellow ones. They did hurt when hit. Cant believe we didn't lose and eye.lol! One gun had a turn 4 shot barrel and the others had a spring black clip to it that shot like 10 shots or so. Just squeeze gun and pop!!!!! Fun times. Wish I still had them. But we got older and the guns compression chamber's wore out. Oh well.....would love to shoot it again though.

    2. I have one of these to this day, from when I was a kid. I'd like to know if it is worth anything. But yeah, it's awesome! It was one of my favorite toys growing up.

  2. I had this in the mid 80's here in the states. Do you know of anyone that made them here?

  3. I had one of those as a kid. Where could on e be found these days?


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