Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SOS Commandos - Green Eagle

Picking up the "Sonic Action Tank" post, where I made a reference to the SOS Commandos line due to the use of the head sculpt of the "majorette´s" figure, I now present you the SOS COMMANDOS helicopter.

The COMMANDOS version of the Terror Cópter "Bad Eagle". "Secret Wars' Doom Chopper & Turbo Copter are both recasted versions of the Defense Copter from Mattel 1975 line "Heroes in Action".Thanks to Androm3loS

MIB, Gulliver, late 80s. Made in Portugal

The included figure varied. the picture on the box is taken from the movie "Atomic Cyborg" / "Hand of Steel" (depends on country). Androm3loS

Fresh out of the box, there were 2 bags (helicopter parts and figure´s weapons), instructions and sticker sheets.

The helicopter already came with some of the stickers applied. In time (in a long time) the glue lost its magic and some came with missing stickers that probably fell off the box.

Included helicopter parts.

The main stickers sheet was printed in (not so) glossy paper, and most of the times, trying to stick them to the vehicles is a waste of time.

Green Eagle. For us 80s kids, this may mean Predator or Rambo III. Or A-Team or so many other cool memories.

Included figures with these helicopters had their legs spread. Since they are made from PVC, soft rubber, and put into the vehicles while still warm (yes, can you believe it?), they came with strange (not so) natural poses. BUT, Gulliver included the stand so the figure ends up looking pretty good.

Fully armed and ready to rock! Diamond Toymaker´Schwarzenegger Commando "Spex" mold.

Figure: "Tony Turner". Caucasian version of the presented on the back of the cards and boxes. It has a torso and lower body made of plastic, arms and legs made of rubber, and head made out of a harder rubber substance. Funny how these were so popular in Brazil and some other countries. Poor construction and yet the demand was high. Well, the golden years!

Included weapons. Holster, pistol, uzi and rifle along with the stand are the common weapons of the Commandos. The chest piece is original for each of the 3 different figures with holes on the torso piece.

Missile rack up and down.

This was a very well conceived vehicle by Gulliver, the Brazilian toy company (which was a considerable force in the 80s market picking up the G.I.Joe fever and launching this much appreciated - even with all limitations - toy line, SOS COMMANDOS). Mounted guns. Belly laser cannons (back in the 80s all vehicles had lasers...) pad´s rocket launcher, Gatling gun and antennas.

Good old days. I still remember when I got this chopper. And that is the kind of memories that keep me going on doing this. Great toy! 

"Secret Wars copters used a mold from the Defense Copter from Mattel 1975 line "Heroes in Action". Androm3loS

Outside gunner station! 

Transporting wounded personnel...

The 6 missiles are shot off the missile rack. 

Status: Soon on eBay! Email me for details.


  1. Luís "ToneGuns" GalileuOctober 25, 2009 at 2:32 AM

    I'm happy to see a line from my country been reviewed here and with a positive review.

    The figures can't stand along with the Joes, but the price was something attractive due to big economicl problems we were facing that time. Well, things got better =D.

  2. An interesting fact: This helicopter's mold is the same as the Mattel Secret Wars Doom and Turbo Chopper! WOW!!!

  3. Yes, you are right. I failed to mention that detail when reviewing this set. There were 2 editions. One with Dr. Doom and one without. I´m not sure, but world wide, there was a couple of color scheme variations of that same Doom Chopper. Thank you for bringing that up.

  4. Actually, Secret Wars' Doom Chopper & Turbo Copter are both recasted version of the Defense Copter from Mattel 1975 line "Heroes in Action".
    This one is at least a third generation knock of !

  5. Thanks for the info, Androm3loS! Will update asap!


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