Saturday, August 18, 2012

Soldier Force A10 Air Strike - UPDATED!

Bought in France during Christmas (2008), it was a very hard to find item. A precious A10 (G.I.Joe Rattlers included, our collection must have around half a dozen now) and very realistic details. A gem!

One of Chap Mei collector´s "Holy Grails". And for some time thought to be but a prototype for package pictures.

Included items. Not many accessories, but who cares? That A-10 was all it was needed!

A great machine, with notorious similarities to G.I.Joe´s 1984 Cobra Rattler mold.

 The "Warthog" is a very appreciated aircraft for not only it represents air to ground "God´s wrath", but it´s a different airplane in so many aspects it cannot be mistaken by any other. As a toy, this one is near perfection.

Landing gear detail and weapons nests. As the real thing, this A-10 comes fully loaded and ready for tank busting.

The chin gun is not an incorporated 7-barrel Avenger, but a nice twist in design.

The weak spot here is the cockpit. I can´t understand where they were headed. Strangest of all that is strange, the actual CM figure won´t fit the airplane.

Engines detail (great).

... and interesting cockpit bubble turret gun incorporation. The gun goes through it when open.

Figure: Captain Red A-6

 Figure: "Lieutenant Cooper - Tank Commander".

This is a marvelous piece of toy engineering and if you can find it, be sure to GET IT!

The camouflage looks awesome, the scale (for a toy) is fairly accurate.

Weapons array.

Bombs can be dropped and missiles shot away!

Really big tanks/bombs.

Very nice graphics...

Only a couple of accessories for this set, but the main attraction is the A-10!

But this backpack / parachute is one of the most decently 1:18 scaled backpacks from Chap Mei!  And looks sweet!

A-10s... always in pairs!

Status: Unavailable



  1. Luís "ToneGuns" Galileu TonelliJune 8, 2010 at 1:16 AM

    I really dong like the hatch behind the pilot's seat. It doesn't belong there.

  2. Well, we can say the very same thing about Hasbro´s ´84 Rattler, ´88 Tiger Rat and ´97 Thunderbolt. Main difference in these (considering your remark) is that Hasbro´s toys have a closed gunner canopy. And Chap Mei´s is open... WWII style. But we´ll manage to set them side by side for comparison in the near future. You´ll see how cool this jet really is.

  3. wow, im really impress, this a-10 is great, except for the gunner canopy, but isn't a big deal

    and im impress to about the fact that you post almost everyday, really amazing, and thanx for that :D

  4. Hey (Anonymous) friend! Thank you for the kind words. And we do post EVERY day. Sometimes, especially by request, some updates on previous posts. Since the quality of the first post pictures were not as clear as the majority or any other reason we find important for you guys.

    Thank you and keep coming back!

  5. theres no doubt about the quality of your pics and reviews, they are amazing, and i'll come back every day too, this is such a great blog :D

  6. Thank you very much for your visits and comments. Your company gives us strength to go on full throttle!

  7. great reviews love the blog just one small question where did you buy this whole collection because i would like to add some to mine. please reply

  8. You can now find a bunch of these at

  9. Useful information ...I am very happy to read this article. Thanks for giving us this useful information.

  10. This plane actually looks like a repaint/retooling of the plane in the Terminator Salvation toyline. If it wasnt for the electronics added, I would have thought it was an exact repaint.

  11. Hi Paolo,
    This baby is about 2 times the size of the terminator version.

  12. I bought a loose A10 fr my local toy specialty shop. It was painted blue to look like a cobra rattler. Missing its missile array and the important chin gun. A week later I tried the net to find out what toyline dis A10 belonged to... which led me to your site. Holy smoke, now I know wat it really looks like! What the sealed box looks like! And the weapons! Oh man, had I known...

  13. Hey Antonio!
    I guess you will really love the next entry. Almost ready. Compared, the GIJoe Hog and this one, plus terminator salvation A10 ;)

  14. I have him for sale good as new and complete.


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