Sunday, September 9, 2012

Soldier Force VI Peace Force Battlefield Outpost playset

The last missing piece from the exclusive Peace Force branch of Soldier Force VI, the Battlefield Outpost

Col. Hawk readies the 2009 command jeep to drive through enemy lines.

MISB, 2009 Chap Mei.

Included accessories.

The Peace Force line came in a great urban camo than can be very useful in winter...

Command Jeep. Same model as the DV3 Sling Rover

The Battlefield Outpost. Also included with Soldier Force VI Peace Force Helicopter Playset.

Figure: "Col. Hawk", a repaint of "Colonel Stewart (Zone Commander)".

After so many years for an underrated company, CM still impresses the masses. Of course some vehicles and figures are better shaped than others, they all have great details and most of all, they are 1:18 scale (or close).  

Some are cheap, others almost impossible to find, Chap Mei produces great military (and not only) cannon fodder for collectors. This is another great example.

Status: Look for available figures and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt



  1. Awesome little set that would work well with GI Joes and Corps! figures i think.

  2. You think right. And that barricade works like a charm!

  3. soy de mexico y nesesito saber como consigo estos juguetes alguien me puede ayudar en verdad me interesan


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