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Project TH3 - Super Tharos Space-Gun

Sunday, September 16, 2012

 Another remarkable creation by famous toy arms manufacturer Edison Giocattoli, this wonderful piece of vintage awesomeness continues to be one of a few must-have for genre enthusiasts.

Created in 1979, this weapon (a toy gun that is) shines in its era.

Just like Thitan´s gun, in life-size scale.

With a sound amplifier, or cadence regulator if you will.

While the original (here pictured) Super Tharos comes with a red regulator, other models came with a black one.

Pushing the trigger activates light and sound. Loud and original Sci-Fi gun fire!

Needs 2 AA batteries inside it´s excellently designed "ammo" clip area with superbly imagined locking system.

One of the most spectacular Space-Gun designs inside a beautiful line that was TH3.

Status: On eBay now!


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