Sunday, January 9, 2011

Soldier Force Series IV figures

 Soldier Force Series IV was an absolute wonder with vehicles such as the Heavy Combat Boat or the next to impossible to find A10 to name just a couple. However, a few figures also debuted with Series IV...

The new Series IV figures. The Paratrooper (also included with some Freedom Force sets which included Series III box design), the new Captain Red A-6 and the new Frogman.

The new Frogman was a decent upgrade of the original Series I Frogman. With a knife holster with removable knife, brand new accessories (taken from Alex Aqua), a great new paint scheme...

... and moving flippers. The not so good thing was the fact you can´t remove them, but for that, you had the old ones. The removable flippers+movable feet innovation was later seen with Flipper Miles.  

Cpt. Red A-6 wasn´t just a repaint job. The arms were retouched to properly fit the vehicles, plus it now included a parachute backpack. Private Coldsteel had a slightly different pants color and Lt Cooper a darker helmet.

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