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BIG builder Fork Lifter 300614 Playset - Update!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

BIG Builder Playsets! Great 2001 toys from Chap Mei. Really hard to find material nowadays.

This line included 6 magnificent figures. To this day, they stand as some of the best detailed figures CM ever created.

The contents view, and for you diorama lovers out there, this theme is a must.

If you want to set up a warehouse dio, you may want a lot of these.

The detail on these sets is amazing. The right stuff. Not too much, and certainly not too little. Scaled for 1:18 figures, this 3 3/4" G.I.Joe figure shows it.

View of all the accessories. The cement bag (next to the drums) is very nicely done.

A great and useful ladder. Unfolds.

About the fork lifter. One of the 3 BB vehicles. Each, a gem. The detail is what we expect from CM nowadays. Back then, it was over the top when compared with 90% of the market. And way better than most CM stuff THEN. Remember, we´re talking about the time CM was launching Soldier Force series II.

Container coming down.

Front shot, container still up.

Another piece of great achievement. I can´t get enough of these diorama jewels.

It has a fair size, and the texture is rigid. Pretty much the same kind of plastic they use for the crates in almost every series.

Lifting a wooden platform.

The interior is nice, and the steering wheel is pretty pimped.

"How to" tilt the lifter.

"Men At Work"...

Curiously, in this case, the cabin a bit too large for a RAH G.I.Joe figure, so you either customize it to fit those joes, or use later ones such as the ones from ROC line.

The figures: "Woody John", "Foreman Roy".

Great sculpting and attention to detail.

Filled with attachable accessories (nowadays a common perk, but still apllauded).

Status: Check available items from this theme at CM Surplus Fan Markt

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