Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chap Mei weapons and accessories TREES

2009 Chap Mei themes brought some new features. A new thing was the weapons and accessories trees. Instead of loose weapons and accesories, they now came attached to a plastic tree.

Soldier Force VI  and Dino Valley 3 plastic trees.

Although easily taken out by pulling free hand... it´s usually better to cut them off to achieve a clean surface on the accessories.

An X-acto knife is the best tool for the job, but be careful.

The tree is cool looking for some diorama action too.

We usually make reference to 1:18 scale figures, but Chap Mei accessories serve A LOT of different lines.

Not only these accessories fit Playmobil figures. A lot of past weapons are used by customizers to pimp their "clicks".

Weapons tree, size M...

Possible uses.

Size L.

Again, no luck for Playmobil... although the original 9mm could fit their hands. These are a little thinner on the grip.

Curious how Chap Mei figures can only make use of a few accessories (a long regret story as we all know).

A very nice detail. These trees can actull snap together to form some great structures.

Considering their size, one can design some bunker structures or even Big Builders construction sites.

Dino Valley 3 and Jungle Adventure trees.

These come with a nice gold paint.

Playmobil gets lucky again...

Nice lantern for Pirate or Castle themes.

Again, don´t trash the trees. You can use them! 

Status: Available trees: Soldier Force ; Dino Valley ; Jungle Adventure


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