Monday, January 10, 2011

Chap Mei and Playmobil

Chap Mei 1:18 scale (or in the vicinity) finds its market with 1:18 scale figures/vehicles collectors and customizers. No big news here. However, a lot of Playmobil fans curiously use CM accessories to boost their figures and playsets also. Considering Playmobil reviews such as 3534 Space Shuttle (and some others) where a Joe is tested for size, it is only fair to flip the coin.

Most accessories done by Chap Mei are detailed, and a few years ago, wouldn´t fit with Playmobil design. The present look of this Geobra brand allows this use not only by custom artists but any given enthusiast. The "new" Playmobil themes are so evolved that anything is possible, if it fits the hands of a "click".

The good news for Playmobil fans is that many of these accessories really do snap. They won´t bend the hands of the figure and they won´t fall. They do in fact, look good!

 While some are a little too big, some are really perfect for these guys. The camera is a great example of just that.

For all you medieval theme lovers, this picture´s for you.

Construction and rescue/medical assistance material...

 Plumbers, firefighters and even modern outlaws... sky´s the limit... and the base for your imagination. Deserves a serious look!

Status: Check available accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt

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