Saturday, January 1, 2011

G.I. Joe Movie Action Battlers Duke

 The Rise of Cobra movie not only gave birth to the new waves of Joe action figures, it targeted different age groups. Action Battlers is a good example.

 Conrad "Duke" Hauser Action Battlers action figure.

Included parts.

Squeezing its legs activates his quick-draw action. A decent figure with a lot of detail, considering it looks like a toy out of a cartoon sort of concept. High quality as expected from Hasbro, but very limited articulation.

The most noticeable point where articulation is lacking is the knee. Even knowing this is supposed to be a child toy or a collectible "action statue" in disguise, the lack of knee articulation makes it a display-only item after a few "squeezes". But cool nonetheless.

 Status: Unavailable


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