Saturday, January 29, 2011

Action Man ATOM Thunderquad 3000

A 2-in-1 vehicle to help the A.T.O.M. team defeat Evil Crime Lord Alexander Paine and his band of crooks!

Thunderquad 3000 is a cool looking vehicle with lots of playability. Which is actually, A.T.O.M. line premise.

As a quad, it has very decent lines, especially its front.

The coolest thing is its second form. A defense "mech", or battle suit.

It has a wheel-punch action activated when buttons are moved outwards. When releasing, wheels quickly go back into place. Fun. Very "Transformers".

As far as scale goes, it is actually too big for a 5" figure. And way too small for the original Action Man 12" line. Maybe Sigma 6 G.I.Joe figures could use it! For a perfect quad for these figures, be sure to check Chap Mei and Action Man Atom figures.

Status: Available for trade


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