Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Group shots: Soldier Force Series III

 In the early years of the new millenium, Soldier Force grew stronger and the new vehicles (and re-issue of some old ones) included a brand new lineup of figures.

12 new figures with serious detail and painting. And also packing new weapons... but still oversized. Here are the original and new 12.

Expanded series. 3 figures from Soldier Force I&II were often included and a figure that would only be widely seen when Series IV hit the shelves, the paratrooper.

Colonel Stewart, Major Macintyre, Captain Red A-6 and Sergeant Fearless.

 MP Big Chuck, S.E.A.L. - Mist Duke, Flamethrower Burns and Frogman Deepdive.

 Lieutenant Cooper, Techno Sniper Nighthawk, Tactic Commander OWL 218 and Private Coldsteel.

The 4 "extras": The Paratrooper  (associated with Series IV) and the 3 figures from Series I&II, again show just how Chap Mei figures evolved through the years. However, they´re all poorly articulated (Star Wars POTFII-style)

Status: Available Soldier Force items



  1. Luís Galileu "ToneGuns" TonelliJanuary 6, 2011 at 3:15 PM

    I've to find me a OWL and Mist Duke figures.

    The figures have a serious lack of articulation and Chap Mei doesn't paint them on the back (???). However I like them and can use them for customs =).

  2. The OWL figure was hard to find, and Mist Duke was/is one of their coolest figures, the camouflage, the hat, the ammo clips... and you may get to find one pretty soon :)

  3. I think I actually have all of these figures. Mist Duke has always been my favorite. I have two or three figures of him.


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