Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SWAT Police Gangbuster Playset

Time for a big review of a big weapon - The Gangbuster APC from SWAT Police, "Tough boys squad".

Found in Europe, it was available during the 2009 Christmas season.

Included items.

Included accessories.

Included figures.

Figure: "Sergeant Canon". One of the (then) new S.W.A.T. figures.

Sgt´s weapon of choice, a big Gatling cannon.

Figure: "Sergeant Stormbreaker", another debuting figure.

Removable accessories. Great vest, and a cool-looking belt.

Figure: "Punk Rocker Pete". Another new figure for 2009, this is one of Chap Mei´s coolest "Bad Guyz".

Fit with a huge amount of details, such as the removable holster and vest.

Central Bank´s vault. It can be robbed, and even used as a real bank for coins.

Chopper. The "Bad Guyz" cycle with gun station.

This one comes equipped with a magnet to break the vault´s door open. Nice!

APC, "Gangbuster". With a net cannon to capture Bad Guyz, or any other threat, this is a huge and heavy armored car built to withstand any attack!

Manual missile launcher can fit in a few different places.

Removable and working net cannon launcher with gunner seat.

Armored car without cannon and missile launcher.

Backdoor weapons rack can hold a few weapons and figures fit very nicely in this one.

Places where one can fit figures.  

This is a SFX vehicle, and the unit can be removed to access the batteries. Sounds include shooting and police sirens. Th vehicle is awesome and perhaps a little too big, but very fun to play with. Customizing possibilities are immense.

Status:Available parts at CM Surplus Fan Markt

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  1. Luís Galileu "ToneGuns" TonelliJanuary 12, 2011 at 12:57 AM

    I really like the big safe man!


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