Saturday, May 8, 2010

Transcendence Witchcraft Knight Bootleg carded figures

 With these 3 carded figures today, we complete the previous post title showing some curious variations with knock-off signature!

"Brand": JIA LONG Toys

 By carefully cutting of the bubble, we present you the overall nice graphics with lots of regular (and rare) Chap Mei item pictures. 

Behind door number 1, the local "Skeletor". Skeletor was my favorite villain, so don´t get me wrong.

 Included accessories.

 Chap Mei Pteranodon mold. Apparently.

 Even the bootleg of this figure is cool. This figure is such a wonderful scary toy!

Removable rubber cloak and waist accessory with skulls.

The shoulder skull is another fine detail, but a closer look reveals the bootleg limitations.

Action shot.

Door number 2: The local hero figure. Very 80s. Thankfully.

Included accessories.

Yet again, the Ankylosaurus-like mold. Different angle shot reveal the lesser quality of the final product.

 Figure: Medieval Fantastic World Hero with Dr. Martens boots.

 Removable shoulder shield and waist accessory. A so and so copy of the original. Pretty good if you´re missing that figure in your CM collection. As all of these bootlegs are good for.

 Door n#3: Ogre number 2. Remember last post´s ogre? This one is a better one. If you have love for Beast Raider sort of line, you may want to use a horde of these as an army.

Included accessories. For the last time, pretty good ones!

 Styracosaurus mold. Again using a different shot to reveal the bad sides of bootlegging! Yup, there are some good ones. Suppressing the missing spots in our collections.

 Figure: Ogre n#2! Bulky and ugly, deliciously capable of being an army-builder unit!

 Gargoyle looks! I love it!



  1. Luís "ToneGuns" Galileu TonelliMay 9, 2010 at 1:38 AM

    The acessories are the greatest part.


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