Monday, May 17, 2010

Playmospace 3534 Space Shuttle

 One of the most commonly seen as a "space theme flag" toys from Playmobil, this Shuttle is also one of the most well conceived general-purpose sets.

G.I.Joe fans, last picture´s for you!

I´m not sure if the ladder was included, but it appears in many 3534 play set action shots in 80s catalogs and boxes.  Missing: cockpit control handles, radar. 

Cargo, passenger, detention, it has served these and so many other purposes under Playmobil fan´s orders.

 1980 factory stamp, we were very deep in those Buck Rogers, Galactica and "V" years. and this shuttle captures the spirit of all those series and movies.

Famospace (left) and Playmospace (right) landing gear versions. 

This is definitely one of my favorites.

If most Playmobil vehicles are compatible with Hasbro´s 3 3/4" most successful action figure line, this shuttle is one of the most usable.

Status: Unavailable

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  1. I had a playmobil space ship (smaller than this one) and, yes, I did used to place my Joes inside it :)


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