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PlaymoSpace 3536 Space Station

Saturday, May 15, 2010

 For most (if not all) Playmobil space fans, the best collectible toy play set yet.

Joe fans, scroll down to the last picture!

 A great play set at all levels. Playability, detail, timeless design and yet, a sweet nostalgic look!

 If the outside is all that said above, what to say about the interior? Have a look, you have living quarters, space rock scale room, recreational area, and command/communications room.

Airlock doors were one of the greatest details on this one. Playmobil (as a whole) is a recreational yet educational brand. And you can´t just open the doors and lose atmosphere, this was a lesson too. The 4 stands were retractable and the kit is marked 1980, although some say this set was only available around mid 1981.

As far as a potential G.I.Joe army addition, it has all the ingredients. A great customizable play set. Probably as an underwater control center. 

Status: Unavailable

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