Saturday, May 15, 2010

PlaymoSpace 3536 Space Station

 For most (if not all) Playmobil space fans, the best collectible toy play set yet.

Joe fans, scroll down to the last picture!

 A great play set at all levels. Playability, detail, timeless design and yet, a sweet nostalgic look!

 If the outside is all that said above, what to say about the interior? Have a look, you have living quarters, space rock scale room, recreational area, and command/communications room.

Airlock doors were one of the greatest details on this one. Playmobil (as a whole) is a recreational yet educational brand. And you can´t just open the doors and lose atmosphere, this was a lesson too. The 4 stands were retractable and the kit is marked 1980, although some say this set was only available around mid 1981.

As far as a potential G.I.Joe army addition, it has all the ingredients. A great customizable play set. Probably as an underwater control center. 

Status: Unavailable

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