Sunday, January 8, 2012

Submit your Pics! - John Guerrati

Opening a new label, with photos by friend and follower John Guerrati. Cool pics of his air command, great ideas for their use! Enjoy his work!

A TRU True Heroes Apache AH-64 Longbow.

With G.I.Joe markings!

Looking good, watch out snakes!

TRU elite operations (preceded True Heroes) had a knock off of this baby! See it here.

I love this shot! Also reminds me of Auchan´s combo set which also used a KO version of this one. See it here.

G.I.Joe vs Cobra Night Attack Chopper! 2003 Desert camo.

2002 G.I.Joe vs Cobra Night Attack Chopper

Nice work on that ammo clip!

Red tips for those missiles, sweet.

And for last, but certainly not least, his custom P-40 from Sgt.Savage and his Screaming Eagles G.I.Joe line. Nice work, John!

If have some cool pics and ideas of your own creations and want them posted here with our comments, feel free to e-mail us! Just make sure you´re our follower and the photos you´re sending have good quality. Ideally, but not necessarily, of toys we have reviewed in the past so we can connect the original sets! 


Thank your for being part of this!