Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project TH3 - Thitan and Thur

Project TH3 was one of the most spectacular concepts in the 80s. Italian made and involved in mystery.

Thur´s helmet and Thitan´s long weapon.

MISB, Edison Giocattoli S.p.A. Firenze.

Beautiful life-size weapon for Supermatic ammo.

"Your Thitan is a space-gun from the -Fantastic Flash Pistol- collection. This means you can use SUPERMATIC, the famous exclusive EDISON´s ammunition, and no other".

"Firing with THITAN you get an exciting -Flash-3 too. This, in addition to the detonating charge of SUPERMATIC, brings about a combined effect unchallenged in the space-gun field".

"All you have to do to load your THITAN, is first separate the SUPERMATIC tape into two 13 shot strips and then, insert each strip, one at a time, into the special opening".

"When you have used all the 13 shots, unload the gun by pulling the tape out of the other opening".

"With a minimum of care, you will always have your THITAN in perfect condition and ready to fire".


  1. Yes, this was great! I already tried to get some of the EG caps from Italy to show you how it works. Let´s see what happens!

  2. Hi, how much the Thur's helmet ?
    it's possible to me buy this ?

  3. Hi Nicola,

    Thur´s helmet is being reconstructed. Its faceplate is perfect, but the helmet and screws need a recovery project. However, when it´s done and as good as it once was, I´ll give you a heads up if you send me your email.

  4. I had this as a kid in the 80ies, my friend had an other small laser gun and I had the other helmet and couple of 12' inch action figures. It was a good concept, though the plastic was poor and broke off very easily. It would be nice if this toyline was backed up with a cartoon though.


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