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Identity found! - Pamela Love

Friday, January 13, 2012

While cleaning some boxes containing a series of different toys from different lines, I came across this fantastic horse. However, to this day, I had no information about it. Thanks to an anonymous contributor, I now know. This beauty belongs to a line of dolls. Yes, you read it right! And which one? Pamela Love... the Barbie-like line. I´d never guess!!!

The closest I ever got to identify this figure was Remco´s Lost World of the Warlord figures. However, those didn´t come with this saddle or red rug. And the painting is different. The mold lines, however, seem to be the same. 

Its body came to show this was probably not a knock-off. This is scaled to be mounted by He-Man sized figures. Such as Remco´s Lost World of the Warlord.

Fine work. Looks 80s. Transparent glass(plastic) eyes.

Saddle comes off.

Another clue I thought, maybe western?

No brand markings, just a "5" probably from the mold number.

It´s a beautiful piece, no doubt. And fragile too, since the "velvet" skin over the plastic seems to need very special care.

And here´s the proof! Sport-Holiday box. These horses could be found in all 3 colors independently. Case closed!

Status: Available for trade

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