Monday, January 16, 2012

Indiana Jones Dr. Henry Jones

From one of the best Indy movies, one of the best Indy figures, Jones Sr.!

Unbelievable detail for a 4" figure, with pretty much all you could ask for!

MOC, 2008. Hasbro.

Amazing Sean Connery sculpt. Keep in mind its scale, 1:18! Wouldn´t it be great if the glasses came off?

And what you know, they do!

Included accessories.

And of course, hidden relic! Wich one could it be?

The Holy Grail, of course!

Figure: Dr. Henry Jones. Simply wonderful figure with great details.

Removable suit, or part of. Even so, and without it, looks golden.

Not a man of conventional wars, Dr Jones Sr. comes with a Parabellum.

Umbrella comes off the case and it´s ready to bring down any nazi fighters! Too bad it won´t open, but that would be asking a little too much.

Hasbro´s line has many wonderful figures, but this one has to be a top 5 at least. 

Status: Available for trade



  1. TOTALLY awesome! And that head for a "THE ROCK" Mason figure would be a perfect custom!


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