Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bootleg Toys: Another unknown figure!

 Well guys, after the success of last "unknown figure" post, I decided to yet again reach out... and hopefully get your help! Who might this guy supposed to be?

It got here with a huge lot of G.I.Joe and other action figures by the end of the 90s. It reminds me of Remco´s Sarge Team & The Bad Guys but with poor leg articulation. The figure´s weapons are probably around once I get a hold of any clue...

The only markings are on its butt, "China". Anyone knows who this guy is or where he´s from other from China?

Not too bad for a Bootleg/ Knockoff! Hands seem to be made for round weapons/ accessories handle.

Status: Available for trade



  1. This one is a tough one! Not for sure on it i might have to do a little snooping around online for this one.

  2. Lol, indeed it is! I´ve been through a ton of images and catalogs for anything smiliar, but to no avail! Anyway, if you find any clues it would be awesome, thanks jboypacman!

  3. I will try my best but so far i have found nothing on him so he might remain a mystery am sorry to say.

  4. Man!This guy looks like something out of the 90's Predator or Aliens toy line.This is a head scratcher :(

  5. It´s a hard one, I know! The only thing known for sure is that it´s pre-2000s. Which is a BIG window...

  6. I think he was part of a line of figures that had skull faces and he was one of the good guys. The figures came out in the mid 90's I believe. I have been looking everywhere for the skull faced figures for quite sometime now. The were dressed in military fatigues.


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