Saturday, January 21, 2012

Indiana Jones with Horse

 Yet another fantastic pack from the superb movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

From his saddle onto the cargo truck carrying the Ark.

MOC, 2008. Hasbro.

Included items. A greatly articulated steed and Indy to ride it!

Horse with removable saddle.

One can manage some realistic poses. One of the best horses for 4" figures on the market.

Figure: Indiana Jones. With sligthly open legs to mount.

Jacket can be partially removed.

Included accessories.

Whip fits onto gun belt.

... And revolver fits Indy´s hand like a... well, a gun.

But what´s with Harrison Ford´s head sculpt? Other than that, a very impressive set!

Status: Available for trade



  1. I just love these figures! I really need to hunt down a few more for the collection.

  2. If they were packed with hard plastic weapons, they´d be close to perfection!!!

  3. I picked up this Indy figure loose for a dollar out of my local hobby shop's bargain bin!No accessories though, or horse.I agree the head sculpt could have been a little more spot on but i can live with it.

  4. @actionfig: Thing is, when we think about the head they created for S.Connery... it´s really hard to understand why is this H.Ford head


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