Sunday, December 11, 2011

X-Changers Battlehawks Star Prowler

Another extremely hard to find line from the 80s, and an even harder figure to get, Star Prowler, one of Nighthawk´s henchmen! Enter the universe of the Battlehawks!

From Acama Toys, this line had only 1 run with 6 figures. The story revealed the good old open war of good against evil, and the fight for Falconstarr, the planet Nighthawk (an evil rebel lord) wishes to see conquered.

Figure: Star Prowler. One of the 2 ferocious man beasts guarding the evil lord Nighthawk

Included accessories. Not pictured, the strange bat-looking pistol/crossbow this figure came with. As for the belt, a nice touch to complete the futuristic look of this cyborg feline.

X-Changers, featuring exchangeable weapons and accessory sistem. Also, feet and hands could be changed within factions. Similar to Rotoplast Toys line Strike Fighters from Venezuela. Also hard to find!

Status: Available for trade

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