Tuesday, December 27, 2011

True Heroes L.A.S.E.R. Storm

L.A.S.E.R. dropship, the main command vehicle for the Rangers!

Capable of transporting 5+ figures, and also Rockslide!

MISB, 2011. Toys"R"Us.

With awesome lines and a huge margin for custom artists, this aircraft seems to pick up some ideas from the UD4L Cheyenne Drop Ship, the colonial marines dropship from Aliens.

But just enough. Different, nonetheless. A spider-looking guy.

The whole body and tail design, the color and raw look... great!

Wings deploy to hover.

Wings retracted.

Included figures. One of each model. No accessories, though.

Included figure detail: Corporal Felix "The Eye" Ibanez. Reconnaissance Specialist. Highly skilled in determining location, composition, disposition, capabilities and activities of enemy committed forces.

Lights and sounds can be activated via 2 buttons producing the same sounds and effect. The sounds are the same as Rockslide and Nomad.

Aircraft opens up into command station!

Aircraft comes with a handle-like tail to perform flying moves and pick up Rockslide

Storm can transport Rockslide (sold separately)!

The big challenge was understanding how to snap them together. Storm´s claws (landing gear) are hollow. Rockslide has 4 points to attach and you need to pull Storm´s "legs" outwards to provide room for the connection. Could be better if it was a clip movement of the touch and go sort.

As a whole, this aircraft is very cool. Fresh concept that picks Aliens and Avatar ideas and transforms them both into something new.

Rangers ready for battle! 

Status: Available for trade


  1. This looks like fun to play with!

  2. Oh yes, a lot! Fits most 3 3/4" and 4" figures!

  3. I like all these True Heroes vehicles so far but I'm skeptical about the figures. How articulate are they? I'm hoping for something like G.I. Joe or UniFighters articulate but they look a little stiff in the pictures so I wouldn't be surprised if just the shoulders and hips and maybe even the head are posable. What more do you need to pilot a toy vehicle? :o)

  4. VagueRant:like I wrote,the figures articulation points are in fact their achilles´ heel. 5 points. Head, and one on each limb. Too sad because their sculpt kicks ass.

  5. Ahh cool. I must have missed that part. Thanks for rehashing.
    Did you say if they can be replaced with other figures, i.e. G.I. Joe's?

  6. Definitely! And considering the colors, the reactive armor joes look awesome in these. Will post some pictures soon!

  7. Works great for Kenner Aliens too!


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