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Galaxy Fighters by Sewco

Thursday, December 22, 2011

 Altough already seen one by one, It may be interesting to input a couple more points on a global view of this line. The pros and cons and most of all, the nostalgic feel of these MOTU "companions".

With a cost of about 1/3 of a MOTU action figure, it was fairly easy to do the math and on any given occasion, these Fighters could look perfect especially next to Skeletor forces.

While Batoon looked a little like Blade from the "Masters" movie, Iguana and Walph were total strangers when related to the successful Mattel line.

Mace Ape was a good guy, but I remember using him as a Skeletor minion. Daton sure looked like a leader and many battles he won for He-Man. Magoon was a Grayskull sentinel and his weapon never allowed villains on his watch.

These guys had a tremendous advantage over original 80s MOTU figures. The left hand could hold weapons. This is also (probably) the most direct difference when comparing Sewco´s Galaxy to Sungold´s.

Articulation is basically the same as expected. Both Sewco and Sungold used Mattel´s recipe for success.

The accessories were very nice. Although one could only expect a mix between the 4 different shields (actually 2 molds with different stickers, which were great by the way), 4 weapons and 2 body armors, their design was so good that Mattel was put to shame.   

As a result, He-Man with a Sewco sword was a common sight!

And what you know? Looks good on modern figures too! Well, that´s the thing about quality...

6 of the original 12 Sewco Galaxy Fighters

These may have been cheap and to some die-hard MOTU fans, cheap-looking too. But when they show up these days, they beat many original figures in price and demand. Great figures! How I miss the 80s!

Status: Available for trade


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