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Playmobil 3493: Elephants

Sunday, December 4, 2011

From spanish licensed partner Famosa, this "Famobil" vintage set includes 1 big elephant and 1 baby elephant. These are mint-looking, but the calf lost its tail...

"Fabricado por FAMOSA, bajo licencia de geobra-brandstater. © 1974 reservados todos los derechos"

Discontinued set, it was really hard to find any info on the web about this set. Well, not anymore!

Adult features a lot of possible movements and you can even make it stand on 2 feet. This was one of Playmobil´s best looking animals ever. Moveable tail and fine tusks too!

The calf, baby elephant is more simple. Its trunk can hold accessories and head goes up and down.

Tail is very fragile. In this case, gone. Playmobil´s animals (and buildings for that matter) were made of hard plastic material, very good-looking and strong if the parts were large enough. In a way, like glass. Thick glass is almost indestructible while tips and thin parts crack in no time.

The action scene on the side of the box. Poachers in action.

Status: Available on eBay now, go to auction.

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