Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Avatar : RDA Grinder

ATV-Like vehicle travels quickly over the rough and uneven terrain of Pandora for support during military operations. 

I can´t say I remember these vehicles in the movie. But I´m glad I´ve had the chance of capturing one to review. Very G.I.Joe-Futuristic military vehicle.

Included parts. Easy, yet fun to assemble. It´s always good to snap parts together! Too bad it doesn´t come with any stickers to apply.

Assembled Grinder. i-TAG: Creates a 3D Model you control! Download application, place i-TAG in front of webcam amd control 3D Model on screen.

Works with most 3 3/4" figures, which is a definite plus.

Long range, surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles. You can place the nests in many different positions.

Wheels can tilt adapting to the terrain. Chain gun mounted on the front for medium to short range encounters.

Detail shots. Treads do not move. It has wheels underneath.

With a ROC G.I.Joe figure.

This Avatar vehicle is good enough to serve G.I.Joe collectors purposes.  

Status: Unavailable

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