Monday, July 2, 2012

Mysterious Missiles and/or Projectiles!

A curious (and fun) thing about collecting and buying toys is all that stuff that piles up in a different box or bag we put somewhere. While moving around a couple dozen boxes of toys to prepare some really cool posts I ran into the unknown projectiles bags. Well, again I´m asking for your help, boys and girls! Ladies and gents, these next items, along with the ones already posted in the "contribute with your knowledge" page, keep dangling defense. Any light will be most welcomed!

click to enlarge
These are the first 20 elusive examples. I have about 20 more to come but let´s see how these run against my mighty friends!

Status: Pending


  1. Oh man these are going to be tough to figure out.

  2. Missiles #18 are from 1987 G.I. Joe Space Shuttle Defiant.

  3. Thank you, formbx257, the excellent joe reviewer, can´t believe I missed those Defiant ones, I still have one around to assemble!

  4. #20 is from a MASK vehicle I forget which one.

  5. #20 is from a Mask Vehicle

  6. 10 is from a micromachines playset - fires from a launcher attached to a searchlight tower. Excellent site.


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