Thursday, July 12, 2012

Star Warriors

Slowly making a name for themselves, like many Asian companies, Chap Mei reinvented famous silhouettes. Back in 1995, a Robocop-like was part of "their" Star Warrior series.

If I wrote their between commas, that´s because CM, Chap Mei was nowhere to be found. However, they most certainly had their mark in these figures, directly or indirectly.

The only found brand in these figures.

Each figure was probably equipped with more than just one weapon, but this was how I got them. If Ninja Warriors serves as a reference, then I´d say 2 or 3 are missing. Bow and claws, typically part of such sets. 

The Robocop look is undisguised. 

Chestplate comes off.

Beautiful colors on both green and blue (unnamed) figures.

A very basic figure, served like so many others to open the way to what we know Chap Mei does today.

2 articulation points, the arms. With little effort they actually come off. These are cool figures, especially for Chap Mei collectors. For the rest, probably nice enough to serve as sentinels...

Status: Unavailable


  1. Wow, we haven't had a totally new, old Chap Mei figure pop up in a long time. What a fantastic find! How tall are these guys? Chap Mei was playing around with a lot of different sizes for their figures before zeroing in on 3 3/4" to 4".

  2. @StarRunn: These guys are 4" exactly. They have a pretty nice paint job too. Metal navy blue and green. They´re in great condition, too bad I didn´t manage to get them MOC, that would be shinny! Nevertheless, it´s like you say, seing something "new" was good enough for me!
    @jboypacman: You bet, these are fine looking robos!


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